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Applications for the MAXifloor Hollow Floor and Raised Floor Systems:

Modern technological advances in communication systems have stimulated an increasing demand for system solutions that are variable and allow for trouble-free upgrades.
Accordingly, offices and production spaces must accommodate the IT and EDP technology of the future as well as modern domestic facilities.

When structural regrouping of work places occurs - for example when creating functional subunits - it must be possible to make the necessary upgrades and conversions.

The installation of a MAXifloor system floor ensures a future-oriented, functional, flexible and very comfortable solution.

We can be sure that in the future we will see even more communications technology equipment in the workplace.
This is why there is increasing demand for - alongside static requirements - the greatest possible usable area and variable cavity height.

MAXifloor system floors meet these demands in the best way possible.

Application Examples:

  • Office and administration buildings

  • Banks, savings banks and insurance companies (especially customer areas)

  • Computing centres

  • Medical practices and x-ray facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Production rooms

  • Conference rooms

  • Sales and Exhibition rooms

  • Restoration of old buildings

Subject to error and technical modification.

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