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....of the MAXifloor Hollow Floor Systems A + B:

  • Over 95 % free cavity in all directions.

  • Universally suited for cavity heights of 25-500 mm
    (greater heights available on request).

  • Adjustable supports ensure that no additional screed layers add to the cost
    (while meeting DIN 18202 requirements).

  • Nearly constant weight-per-area at different cavity heights.

...of the MAXIfloor Dry Hollow Floor System FERMACELL:

  • The system is installed using a dry construction technique - no additional moisture is brought into the building.

  • No set-up space is needed for screed silos or for mobile mixing machines
    (important at inner city construction sites with little space).

  • No waiting for the screed to dry - the floor covering can be applied immediately.

  • Planar surface with very low planarity variation (in compliance with DIN 18202).

Subject to error and technical modification.

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