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Cavity Flooring - Raised Flooring


The MAXIfloor hollow floor system can be furnished with a number of additional components for domestic and communications technology.

Electrical Installation Units:

Flush-to-floor fittings from well-known manufacturers provide the user with optimal connection flexibility - for power supply, communications and data technology.

Building Settlement Joints:

Settlement joint profiles (for example from Miqua or Kugel) are added over the levelled adjustable supports.

Floor vents:

In rooms with a high heat load (for example computer rooms, some offices), a rising-air ventilation system has economic advantages. Vents from well-known manufacturers bring air into the room and distribute it appropriately. Sections are cut out of the encasing element to make way for the vents.

Inspection openings:

Special circumferential frame of L-section galvanised steel or aluminium with removable cover panel, made from non-flammable material. Standard format 600 x 600 mm. Other special formats are available on request.

Further detail drawings can be found in the GMI-System file and can be ordered here.


Subject to error and technical modification.

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